Gotguard Security provides Emergency and Non-Emergency Security Solutions to a wide variety of clients Nationwide. Security Services provided can be temporary or permanent with no minimum requirements. Our teams of security professionals are ready to answer and assist you with all your security needs. Our professionally trained staff works hand in hand with our clients to develop as well as implement the safety and security requirements for each site location along with cost-effective security solutions. Our staff is always working hard at work so that you can rest assured that all your security needs are met based on your security services.

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Services Available 24/7

You’ll Never Pay Too Much

Protection against burglary, fire, gas leaks & water

Email notification of any incidences or maintenance issues.

Guards at Gotguard are always on-time; NO EXCEPTIONS

GOTGUARD Dependable, Stable, Reliable & Affordable.

Safety Awareness Seminars

Burglars are usually after money and the inventory. Signal transmission to the police, ambulance and emergency

Gotguard is a full-service security company providing armed and unarmed security guard services to clients who demand the best professional security guard service at competitive rates. Businesses across the State of California identify Gotguard Security Services as their vendor of choice for security guard services. All security guards that are assigned by Gotguard Security Services are licensed security officers. Prior to joining the team guards undergo drug screening and an extensive background and reference check. Guards also undergo personality and aptitude testing. After joining the team guards participate in training programs that teach at levels that far exceed training that is provided by many other security companies. Gotguard Security Services has a “right fit” approach to assigning guards to job sites. Gotguard right fit approach is comprised of a process of taking the total person in consideration when selecting a guard to be assigned to a duty station. Not only are guards practical skills and experience considered, the guards personality traits and temperament are also taken in consideration. After assigning the right guard, Gotguard Security implements its industry leading quality security services.

  • Real-time Security Checks & 24-hour IT Support Recurring diagnostic checks on equipment and site inspections
  • Operational Management Tools
  • Customized service protocols to meet client-specific requirements
  • Site Analysis & System Design
  • Consultation and customized solutions to enhance security measures
  • Video Analysis
  • Proactive video investigation team performs video reviews for security and operation events
  • High-Definition Surveillance
  • In-house software development and installation team work together to provide top-quality products and technical support
  • Live Remote Video Monitoring
  • Customized monitoring solutions: live video monitoring, analytic event-based monitoring, and video guard tours

Last minute or booked in advance, holidays or weekends, the price never increases!

  • Cost efficiencies without compromising your security program
  • Flexibility with customized security solutions
  • Single provider for all your security services

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