GGS demands every security officer understanding of every client’s procedures and policies. GGS providing a welcoming, people caring w/ safety environment, controlling access, handling sometimes emotional situations, patrolling the facility and helpful customer service.

Security officers are the first people who arrive at a site of concern. They also are greeters, majority are computer literate, on the alert for the potential of theft and workplace violence and for gate operations, there is a growing respect for private security officers, especially by chiefs of police and sheriffs.

GGS main concern for the quality of private security officer services, based on its state-licensed security personnel. This is where the certification programs provided by BSIS comes in place. no other programs are capable of fulfilling.

GSS Armed Security Officers

Fully uniformed with duty belt. Our fully trained and experienced officers carry a firearm, baton, Mace, handcuffs, flashlight, two way radios or cell phone, and taser (optional).

Gotguard Armed Uniformed Security Officer Division was designed for customers requiring a special level of protection and customer service. Our armed uniformed, Business Attire and Plain Clothes Officers act to protect your property, assets, employees and guests.

Our Armed Officers go through extensive selection, recruiting and additional training processes specialized by certified trainers.

These highly trained and motivated officers provide unique, customized services and can maintain a highly visible presence at your facility. Our licensed, Armed Officers will provide exemplary customer service tailored to your organization or individual security needs. We provide armed officers for situations or for a business whose assets require more extensive protection, such as a bank or other financial institution. All of our officers go through extensive training above and beyond the minimum state requirements and are licensed through BSIS Department.

  • Act with honesty and integrity
  • Comply with all federal, provincial and municipal laws
  • Treat all persons equally (without discrimination)
  • Avoid using profanity or abusive language
  • Avoid using excessive force
  • Not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on duty.

GSS Unarmed Security Officers

  • Uniformed Security Officers
  • Gotguard can provide fully licensed and trained security officers, both armed and unarmed, to serve the security needs of commercial, industrial, residential, and retail clients. Gotguard Security recognizes that our security officers do more than protect your assets. Our security officers are a representation of your company’s commitment to quality as well as safety and security.
  • We understand that your reputation rests in the perception and performance of our security officers. Any class of officer above may be selected to provide the following services for security coverage.
  • Uniformed security guards are highly visible and often the first people a customer sees when entering a business.

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