Gotguard Security is becoming the Leader in Proactive Remote Video Monitoring. We Use the Latest Technology and Highly Skilled Video Analysts to Monitor Commercial Properties for Unusual Activity.

Gotguard security offers remote gate and integrated access control solutions for shopping centers, apartment buildings, transportation & logistics centers, warehouses, retailers, construction sites, office buildings and storage facilities.

Using a combination of video surveillance, specialized access control and visitor tracking software, our Gotguard security trained operators can perform any of the functions based on each client request for as a security guard needs and duties to be performed.

Our tailored solution allows you to control who comes in and leaves your property to deter crime and ensure the safety of employees and tenants.

Integrated access control systems provide users with a convenient way to manage employees and building activity. In addition to reducing the risk of unauthorized activity, they can be used to create detailed reports that highlight employee misconduct and help ensure company guidelines are adhered to.

Our technology can often work with your current systems and can be combined with part-time guard services or other remote video monitoring solutions to best meet your needs.

Access controls prevent unauthorized entry to facilities, maintain control of employees and visitors, and protect company assets. Access controls must include the positive identification of all employees, visitors, and vendors at all points of entry. Warehouses must establish secured waiting areas where drivers can be identified and allowed limited access for confirmed pick-ups and deliveries.

Shipping & Receiving

Arriving cargo must be reconciled against information on the cargo manifest. The cargo must be accurately described, and the weights, labels, marks and piece count indicated and verified. Departing cargo must be verified against purchase or delivery orders. Drivers delivering or receiving cargo must be positively identified before cargo is received or released.

those seeking security at a warehouse site are often concerned with two risks: 1) vandalism, and 2) theft. This is typical considering a warehouse is designed for ease of access and loading/ unloading materials. The security defense team at First Security Services will provide you with peace of mind from knowing your Warehouse is protected by experienced and highly trained guards.

  • Warehouse security guards
  • Threat analysis for internal theft/ shrinkage
  • Access Control
  • Camera/ surveillance monitoring
  • Guard against employee misconduct
  • 24-hour protection of building and materials

Security cameras can record site activities on a local NVR, which can be very valuable, especially when fighting costly liability claims.
Our analysts can save you time by studying footage and data to respond to investigation requests more efficiently.

When unusual activity is detected, either during monitoring hours or non-monitoring hours, our team prepares an edited video outlining the activity and sends it to the client with a written summary.

Analysts pull raw footage from multiple cameras on a site, then analyze and edit it into a condensed clip.

Video reports can be shared with police, as well as the customer, who can use the evidence to help prosecute arrested criminals.
Common uses include employee theft, verifying deliveries, and providing video evidence to defend against fraudulent personal injury claims.

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