We provide security to a wide range of residential communities including gated communities, open-access communities, apartment complexes, and high-rise residential buildings.

While some clients require a high level of security visibility, others may prefer a much lower security profile. Gotguard Security professionals work closely with property management companies, property owners, and boards of directors to determine each client’s security needs.

Gotguard Security officers protect the human, intellectual and physical assets of our customers and their visitors. They control access to critical facilities and adapt to each client’s individual nature. All must be able to think on their feet, responding to emergencies with good judgment and calm.

Gotguard Patrols Provides a Sense of Security for Residents:

The knowledge that a security guard is readily available inspires confidence in the residents and makes the condo an attractive option for new potential dwellers. Existing residents are more likely to continue to stay in a complex that protects them. A guard can also be a friendly face for residents to see during the day-to-day bases.

  • protecting residential buildings and areas such as housing developments, townhomes, Construction Sites, Automobile Dealerships, Homeowner Associates Communities (HOA & POA, Public, Private Property), Home- Builders Security, Unsecure Locations (Private and Business), and independent houses.
  • protecting non-residential buildings and areas such as manufacturing sites, shopping malls, airports, and other transportation terminals; and government/private office buildings, etc.

Emergency Services

  • Break-Ins
  • Fire Watch
  • Lock-Outs
  • Safety Threats


At Gotguard Security we specialize in all patrol and onsite aspects of the security industry. One of the many areas where Gotguard Security has proven to be the best and most reliable is working in the residential sites. We not only meet the standards set forth by the State of California for safety training, we surpass it and set the pace for others to follow. A bi-monthly safety training packets are distributed among all staff in the field keeping them up to date on anything from how to call the proper authorities to logging the proper information for your maintenance crew.

Gotguard Security offers the following services for Residential Security Industry:

  • Armed/Unarmed Patrol Officers / Vehicle Patrols
  • Armed & Unarmed Onsite Security Officers
  • On-Board Computer Tracking Systems in Included with the Patrol Service
  • 24-Hour on Call Response Services / 24-Hour Alarm Response Services
  • Response to nuisance complaints from residents
  • Parking permits, Hang tags and Stickers available

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