What are virtual guards? Not just what — what and who! Virtual guards are people who monitor your security system and keep a watchful eye over your property via surveillance cameras posted in strategic locations. In the event of a security threat, virtual guards will activate alarms and even talk down the intruder to prevent vandalism, theft, or security risk to your people.

Why should you hire virtual guards? Whether it’s covering a hidden corner, a specific time of day, or a particular need, a virtual guard can offer an affordable, flexible way to expand the scope of your on-site guards. There are many reasons to add a virtual guard to your complete security solution. We’ve highlighted a few here:

  • Visibility On-site guards can only see so much. Based on the placement of the video cameras, virtual guards can peer into every corner of a property to blanket it with protection.
  • Responsiveness In the event of an emergency, your on-site guards will be your frontline responders. Virtual guards can help keep them out of harm’s way by observing the environment from afar — often unnoticed — and tapping into their experience to act swiftly and appropriately to keep their on-site partners safe.
  • Affordability Because they are fed real-time information from cameras placed around a property, a single virtual guard can cover much more property than a single on-site guard. For example, placing cameras throughout solar fields and construction sites creates a span of security that is more affordable than hiring enough guards to accomplish the same broad and constant overview.
  • Timeliness GotGuard Security takes pride in our promise of 24/7 protection. Virtual guards are one way we do that. But it’s more than working around the clock — it’s working at the right times. For example, in retirement homes, virtual guards can take the place of overnight staff — making sure that no unauthorized people enter the property and also making sure that the elderly residents are tucked safely into their rooms all night. In retail, industrial, and commercial environments, the time is different but the intent is the same — to provide a higher level of protection. It may be that a convenience store wants to scan the property right before an employee opens the shop or that a business wants to scan the property as their employees are finishing for the day and heading to their cars. In both cases, virtual guards are there to spot and deter any potential threats to the people working in the building.
  • Eyewitness In the event that a crime actually occurs, they can also serve as excellent eyewitness testimony, thanks to electronic records.

What’s the best security solution for my property? Every business is different. Some properties are better suited to virtual guard services than others. We’ve mentioned a few here. If you fall into one of those industries or recognize a need for any of the benefits we’ve outlined, this may be a great solution for you to add to your comprehensive security approach. GuardOne Security is an expert in virtual monitoring. We help companies of all types and sizes to build the solution that fits their business and property needs perfectly. Along with virtual guard solutions, our video monitoring and on-site guard patrol will keep every angle of your location and all of your assets well protected.

What We Do

Gotguard Security Systems (GGSS) specializes in High Definition Video Security/Surveillance and Live Video Broadcasting solutions. Our system solutions are as varied as:

  • Remote Monitoring Security/Surveillance using Video Analytics as a virtual guard alternative to a live guard scenario.
  • Live Video Broadcasting with unlimited concurrent viewers from desktop, web, video wall, tablet or smart phone.
  • Visual Project Management to enhance existing management tools
  • Enterprise-grade Security & Surveillance with Video Analytics for any number of netOptic cameras – at one location, or spread over multiple locations (city, state, provinces or countries

Quality Assurance Video Analytics to support Corporate SOP, Health & Safety, and OSHA guidelines.

Remote Guarding & Video Security Solutions for Any-Sized Business or Industry

At Gotguard Security, our virtual guard services are fully customizable and can be designed to fit the unique needs of a wide range of businesses and industries, including but not limited to:

  • Property Management
  • Medical Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Parking Lots/Garages
  • Construction Sites
  • Storage Units/Facilities
  • Cannabis Dispensaries
  • Financial Institutions
  • Car Dealerships
  • Warehouses
  • Retail Stores
  • Distribution Centers

Gotguard Virtual Guards Don’t Sleep. Our Virtual Guarding Service…

  • Can detect unauthorized activity
  • Utilizes cutting-edge facial recognition technology
  • Can automatically recognize specific license plates
  • Provides priceless incident verification for insurance and legal matters
  • Can prevent loitering, crowding, or grouping
  • Are real security experts, able to take decisive and intelligent action

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